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Your baby's birth day will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. However, there will be so much excitement and adrenaline on the day your baby arrives. No matter how your birth experience plays out, in the rush and intensity of it all, there will be so many little things you didn't notice or don't remember.

There are also so many moments that a birth photographer gets to witness from an outside perspective, that you would otherwise never see. Such as your family's nervous excitement from the waiting room, or your husband dressing to meet you in the operating room, or even your baby's first bath.

This is why birth photography can be so healing. You get taken back to those moments and are able to view them with clarity. When you hire a professional birth photographer, they have the expertise to capture the emotion and detail of each moment. They soak up the beauty of the day and give it to you when you can appreciate it the most.

Birth Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

"WHY would I want to hire Birth Photographer!?”

Admit it. The first time you heard the term Birth Photography, you cringed. Perhaps you immediately thought “Nobody needs to see that!” I completely understand. I see it all the time. But let me calm your mind.

Birth photography is NOT medical photography. It’s not about shock factor. It's about documenting the the journey to bring a new life into the world. Capturing your baby's first breath. Your partner's expression when you meet your child for the first time. Hiring a professional ensures that these moments aren't lost in the commotion, that you'll remember all of the details, all of the feeling, and all of the joy of the most important day of your life.

This also means that instead of fumbling with or even forgetting to take important photos, your partner and family will be able to do what's most important, focus on you and your baby’s well being.

Birth is busy, let your family focus on you and be present in the moment. Let your birth photographer be the storyteller of your baby's first day.

"What happens in the event of a C Section?"

Each birth is different, if your C Section is not an emergency, it is possible that I can accompany you into the operating room. This instance is visited on a case by case basis.

"How do you know when to arrive at our birth?"

When we sit down together for your consultation, we chat about your individual birth plan, my on call time, when to notify me, and backup plans. I lots of experience with birth itself and am familiar with navigating and assessing each families needs.

Maryann Sherrick

Birth Photographer, Storyteller

Maryann is a mother of 5 and lover of all things pregnancy, birth and baby. Her love and awe of the miracle of each new life, shines through in every image she takes.

She believes that birth photography is incredibly important and hired a photographer to be present for each of her last 3 children's births. Looking back on her own images from her children's births, she believes that birth images provide a truly empowering and healing experience.

She feels truly honored to be a part of each and every birth she attends. And always sheds a few tears when she captures a new baby's first breath.

Your Story

Birth Package

Each birth includes a gorgeous slideshow and personal gallery of digital filesThen we take it one step further and create beautiful pieces of art work for you and your family to cherish for a lifetime. 

All birth packages include a gorgeous 10x10 leatherbound storybook of your baby's birth.

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