Avocado Smash! - Sweet Snaps Photography - Birth Bellies Babies

With each of my first 4 pregnancies with my girls, cravings varied. One month I'd want White Castle chicken rings (ewwww!), and the next month it'd be fruit salad. So I totally should've known this baby was a boy because I wanted nothing more than a buffet full of AVOCADOS! 

I mean don't get me wrong, I've always liked avocados. They are delicious and buttery and they are perfection on tacos!

This craving however was intense. I would (and did) cry if there wasn't one in the house. I actually ate them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Four to five of them every day to be precise. Just cut it in half and eat with a spoon!

During my 9 months of avocado bliss, I already knew what this baby's first food was going to be. And I was already envisioning a studio session to document it. 

I obviously knew he was going to love it, but check out those intense expressions!

Now I have to figure out something even more adorable for his 1st birthday session... ???

What are your favorite smash session themes, or what was your little one's 1st birthday theme? 

Please give me allllll of the ideas!

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