5 Minute Birth Plan

Easy to customize, simple birth plan that all birth providers will appreciate.

birth plan cover page web.jpg

As a birth photographer I see all types of births in countless variations. As a mother, I have been through nearly every kind. From induction, to homebirth and back to the hospital for a C Section for my last and final baby. The choices and options seem endless when you are planning it all out. One way to explore all of those options is to hire a doula to help you decide what is best for you. But in addition to a doula, most mothers find that having a flexible birth plan is a perfect way to understand all of your options and be prepared for anything that might arise during the birth of your baby.

Being passionate about birth, I wanted to design something for moms the was simple and the opposite of overwhelming. I spent hours on this template in hopes it would helps new (first time and even 5th time) moms navigate theirs birth options and present them to their provider easily. In this simple birth choices guideline, you can easily print the entire PDF document and just cross off items that don’t apply to you. Or you can download the PPTX version for PowerPoint and fully customize the plan to your liking, then print. I recommend making several copies of your birth plan so can give a copy to each person who will be present at your birth including your partner, your provider, your doula and the hospital staff.

I truly hope you love it. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.