Winter(Christmas) IS COMING.

It’s September which means almost everyone thinks it’s WAY too early to even be thinking about Christmas. But being a photographer, my planning started in January and went full throttle in June. I can tell you, IT’S COMING and fast. Which is why I already released booking for none other than the big guy himself… SANTA!

These sessions are so much fun for me! I grew up in a house where Christmas was a BIG deal. My parents scrimped and saved to make sure each of us got at least the one special item on our lists along with a few extras. Our family didn’t have a lot but we always had a magical Christmas. I was well into the double digits before I myself became a ‘Santa’s Helper’.


For my own kids, we have made it a family tradition to go every year to see Santa which is why I wanted to do these sessions. The standing in line, the crowds, the 10,000 toys surrounding your kids that you have to say no to buying. I am OVER it.

I wanted something more special.

A moment kids could say hello, chat, even ask Santa a few questions they’ve been dying to know, and of course hand deliver their list! I want them to really feel the MAGIC of Christmas! My youngest daughter Marley is 5 and was my model for these and was STARSTRUCK. It was absolutely adorable! It’s been a couple of weeks already and she is still talking about to everyone who will listen!

If you are tired of the impersonal and (extra stressful) Santa visits, you can head over to the event info post here.

Unfortunately this event is only one day this year! Santa Claus already has a very busy schedule this year (and with 5 kiddos, so do I)!