What to Look for in a Newborn Photographer

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Although nearly ALL photographers love capturing the beauty of life’s precious moments, not all photographers are created equal. Not all photographers have the skill and demeanor necessary to work with your precious little blessing. Newborn photography is in a class all its own and requires the right person for the job. After all, they are only small enough for newborn photographs for a limited and fleeting time; by the time the proofs are back, they’ll already be to the next stage. Make sure you hire the right newborn photographer with these tips and tricks:

Proper Training & Experience

Safety and comfort should be the first concern of a newborn photographer. There are professional training seminars available to teach photographers how to properly handle posing a baby, as well as how to keep them warm and soothed throughout the session. Make sure your photographer is well-trained and experienced to avoid a traumatic and potentially dangerous photography experience.

Newborn Portfolio

Newborn images are impossible to replace; be sure you are hiring someone with experience. Is their style one that suits your interests? While scrolling, take your time and look through their portfolio and their references. Be aware of signs that the babies may be in distress. Indicators include:

  • A strained face;

  • A furrowed brow;

  • Color changes in the face;

  • or Claw-like fingers.

Interview Your Options

Not everyone will get along with everyone 100% of the time. Take the time to sit down and meet with your potential newborn photographer before your baby’s due date. Not only should your personalities work well together, their demeanor should be gentle and soft, but also respectful of your wishes and ideas. During your conversation, you should ask questions, such as:

  • How long have you been working with newborns?

  • About how many newborns have you photographed?

  • Can I help with the posing of my child if I feel the need?

Once in a Lifetime Photographer

Although you’d like to have a perfect family photoshoot for every sitting, other sessions have more wiggle room should you need to reschedule or reshoot (a toddler who just isn’t feeling photogenic that day, for instance). With newborn sessions, you have a 14-day window after birth to achieve those cuddly, cute womb-like poses. After that, those poses are exponentially more difficult to achieve because your precious little one has realized they have room to stretch. Make sure you capture those impossibly-tiny new features and those precious first expressions. Contact a trusted newborn photographer in Northwest Indiana to schedule your personalized pre-session appointment. Message Sweet Snaps Photography today!


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