How do I know you’re the right photographer for me?


Choosing a photographer is an extremely personal choice, and it is vital to hire someone that connects with your family. I offer a complimentary, no-obligation pre-session consultation. This is where we will have our first face-to-face introduction and get to know each other. I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

When should I book my session?


Ideally, you should book your session at least one month in advance of your preferred session date; birth photography should be two to three months in advance.

What if I have a C-Section?


Each birth is different; if your C-Section is non-emergent, it is possible that I can accompany you into the operating room. This instance is visited on a case by case basis.

How do you know when to arrive at our birth?


When we sit down together for your consultation, we chat about your birth plan, my on-call time, when to notify me, and backup plans. I am experienced with the birthing process and am familiar with navigating and assessing each family’s needs.

What are your rates?


My packages start at $500 but are priced according to the needs of your family.

Do you photograph extended families? Events? Weddings? Commercial products? Senior portraits?


Although I have done these sessions previously, at this time, I am only booking immediate family sessions. I appreciate your interest, though, so thank you for thinking of me!


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